DAMM Consulting Group d.o.o. is a Serbia-based partnership established in 2023 providing accounting and business consultancy services to domestic and foreign customers.

We make available to our customers the comprehensive set of professional and technical skills we have developed over the years. Our strong track record of assistance provision in the region and the wide expertise of our associates are the keystone of our working method.

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DAMM Management & Marketing d.o.o

DAMM Management & Marketing d.o.o., a consultancy founded in Belgrade in 2008 with the aim of facilitating the activities carried out by foreign investors vis-à-vis the local counterparts by providing the professional expertise required by internationalization projects;


BPE Consulting a.d.

BPE Consulting a.d., a consultancy founded in Belgrade in 2012 by Finexpert-Boscolo and Euroconsulting.



Finexpert-Boscolo  is an Italian-Romanian partnership and one of the leading consultancies in Romania, founded by the Trieste-based Chartered Accounting Firm Boscolo&Partners; it has been supporting the foreign business community operating in the region for more than 30 years.


         Euroconsulting d.d.


Euroconsulting d.d. is a Croatian consultancy founded in 1995 by Adriano Marcotulli with the aim of supporting foreign companies implementing internationalization projects in Croatia.

Our References

Our portfolio consisting of more than

50 domestic and foreign

companies active in the agriculture, industry, finance, and service sectors have chosen us.

We provide

customized consulting services

in the fields of business development as well as industry, finance and tax in line with our clients’ specific needs.

Our goal is to support our customers by providing high level accounting, administrative and tax assistance, thus contributing to the growth of their business in Serbia.


Consulting services for domestic and foreign companies

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